Beat Smoking

Beat Smoking

Beat Smoking

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Rap Hip Hop Reggae Beat Instrumental – Smokin' 2015

Dope Beat "Smoking" Trap Instrumental (Prod. Juanko Beats x Tower Beatz)

"Inhale" - 2016 FREEBEAT - Relaxing Chill Smoking Trap Instrumental Beat [prod. by Hunes]

Smoking is consuming you. But it is easy to escape from it. You can choose to stop smoking by decreasing your daily cigarettes or quitting right now. With this app, you can choose how you quit.

When you want to smoke, it means that you are having a nicotine attack. Nicotine receptors in your body are crying for more. But if you can wait for 6-7 minutes at the time of an attack, urge to smoke will pass. Beat Smoking app is designed to give you things to do when an attack comes.

You can track your nicotine level and nicotine attack intervals. These tracking algorithms are based on scientific researches and help you realize your addiction on a next level.

What's New in Version 1.2

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